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As a typical agricultural area in uplands, Mingshan lies in the southwestern margin of Sichuan Basin, with Pujiang County, Chengdu in the east, Danling County and Hongya County, Meishan in the south, Yucheng District, Ya'an in the west, and Qionglai in the north. It covers 614km² and governs 9 towns and 11 townships (including 190 villages, 19 urban communities and 1,264 villager groups), with a total population of 278,700

Mingshan presents us with 8 types of picturesque scenes: physiography, water, biology, astronomy and climate, relic, architecture, tourism commodity, and human activity. It also features 75 cultural and natural spots available for development, i.e. Mengding Mountain, a National AAAA Tourist Attraction honored as one of the "Top 3 Famous Mountains in Sichuan"; Mengding Mountain Ecological Health and Wellness Industrial Park; Baizhang Lake, the shining pearl of western Sichuan, Yongxing Temple, a place well-preserved for thousands ... more+LOL竞猜

"Constructions of the roads in Mount Cai and Meng have been finished, and water-control in Heyi has attained success." It is said that in the Book of Documents: Yu's Sacrifice, Yu once offered sacrifice to God on the peak of the Mengding Mountain, which gave this mountain its name "Mount Meng". Back in 53BC, Wu Lizhen planted wild tea trees in Mengding Mountain, marking the beginning of artificial tea planting in the world. In the Three-Kingdoms Period, a monk from India called Master Kongding resided in Mengding Mountain to promote Buddhism, which was ... more+LOL竞猜

As the main path of the "Southern Silk Road" and the start of "Ancient Tea-Horse Road", Mingshan is located in the joint of 3 economic zones including Chengdu-Chongqing, Panzhihua-Xichang and Northwestern Sichuan, and in the core area of western Sichuan transportation junction. It is also the gateway connecting Chengdu, and the "transfer station" between Panzhihua and Xichang, as well as Kangzang region. Mingshan is in the "One-hour Economic Cycle" of Chengdu Plain Economic Zone, across which National Highway G108, National... more+

Mingshan enjoys moderate climate, featuring warm winter and cool summer, with average annual temperature of 15.4°C (with its peak at 35.2°C), average annual sunshine duration of 1,018 hours, average annual frost-free period of 298 days, average annual rainfall of about 1,500mm, and average annual relative humidity of 82%. It does deserve the names of "Gene Bank of Animals and Plants" and "Green World", for the forest coverage rate reaches 53.17%, with a territory green ratio of 79.6% and the Class II surface water quality in boundary section. While... more+LOL竞猜

Tea Industry

The tea industry plays the leading role here with the largest scale. The tea plantations cover 352,000mu, with an area of 1.5mu per farmer and a recognized area of raw material for green-food of 271,000mu. The output and value of tea...more+

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